Sigrid Van Duffel

Sigrid Van Duffel
Head of Customer Engagement
Wolters Kluwer
After more than 15 years in various sales and sales management roles, Sigrid was in 2013 one of the pioneers within Wolters Kluwer to start collecting customer feedback in a structured way through NPS. 10 years later, she now leads the Legal and Regulatory division's "customer engagement program", active in more than 10 countries. From its inception, NPS has been used as a driver for change. Her guiding principle is to turn data-driven insights into actionable strategy, to improve customer experience. Currently NPS-feedback is analyzed together with other customer success metrics (e.g. product usage, support tickets, portfolio evolution,…) to even get a better picture of customer’s needs, pain points and workflows. Based on these insights, Sigrid and her community support local organizations with sharing best practices and proven methodologies to set up engagement activities to increase loyalty and reduce churn. Currently the team is working on the operationalization of churn predictive models, involving Sales and Customer Success teams and supporting them with processes and narrative. Sigrid is breathing CX and she has only 1 mission: help organizations understand what their customers really want, then develop customer-centric processes and improve product experience to establish growth.