Gemma Beddow

Gemma Beddow
Head of Customer Relations
With over 15 years’ experience leading high performing teams, Gemma is a natural leader who energises individuals to perform and achieve their best. A true ‘Customer Champion’ Gemma recognised early in her career, that creating the right environment for employees to ‘deliver’ was a critical element to building an outstanding customer experience. Spending time focusing on the ‘How we do things’ more so than the ‘What we do’ has really had an impact on results, so much so that her team was recently awarded the coveted prize of ‘Close the Loop’ and ‘Best in Class’ at the Customer Gauge Awards. As Head of Customer Relations at Briggs Equipment, Gemma focuses on how to increase customer retention by utilising NPS, actively encouraging increased response rates, before executing strategies that act upon and improve the whole customer experience. Ultimately this has led to better results for the customer, the employee, and of course the company.